Home Study, Second Visit (alternate title: Going Bananas)

I should probably know by now that I shouldn’t get nervous about the home study.  I know from being a teacher that impressions and assessments aren’t based on small details but rather a whole person.  Saturday was our second visit.  I, of course, decided that I needed to bake banana bread.  For the record – I never bake banana bread (or anything else for that matter).  I have probably baked banana bread five times in my whole life.

I thought it would be nice to have a snack – the visits go all morning long, we drink a lot of coffee and I’m not my best on an empty stomach.  Last time, I bought croissants (this is how I usually bake).  I figured that baking something would make me seem more motherly.

Baking was a bit of a failure.  The element burnt out half way through and after an hour and a half in the oven, my banana bread was 50% liquid.  I “broiled” it for some more time and the result was a chewy banana brick.

Did I have a plan B? Were there cinnamon buns in the fridge just in case? No.

I had a taste of my banana jerky and figured there was enough sugar in there that it would have tasted good even in liquid form.

To my surprise, the banana “bread” was a success.  It did the job of putting something solid in our coffee tummies and even though I didn’t come across as a Stepford Mother (which would be false advertising) I came across as a human being, willing to give things a shot.  These, as it turns out, are good qualities in a parent.

The visit was very relaxed.  A few more questions and answers about our interests, our strengths and weaknesses and our experiences.  Even the “home run-through” was not stressful.  I had imagined being quizzed on child safety and all of the hazards in my home, opening of drawers and cupboards while taking notes on a clipboard.  The “run-through” was actually a RUN through.  It took all of five minutes, a quick tour of the home and a “looks great”.

We’re half way through the home study.  What will I bake next time?


This is a photo of my adorable yet underused apron.  I insist on wearing this apron when doing “domestic” things…because I’m a dork.


3 thoughts on “Home Study, Second Visit (alternate title: Going Bananas)

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  2. That is an ADORABLE apron! I have four of them, I think? But I almost never remember to wear one when I bake and I end up with flour prints on my ass from wiping my hands.

    Sounds like it was a successful study! Can’t wait to hear what’s next 🙂

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