If at first you don’t succeed…

My heart was broken, I felt empty.  I was glad we had “gone public” because the support of my friends is what got me through.  The pain of pregnancy loss was something I could never have predicted. It is something I will never get over.

We knew that there was always this chance so as soon as we got the “green flag” (more sports analogies) from the doctor, we went back to it.

I was pregnant again by November. We lost this baby at 6 weeks. I got to spend some more time in room #6.

This was enough of an alarm bell for the doctor to send me for a series of blood tests and “internal investigations”.  All were inconclusive.  The doctor recommended progesterone to help the next one “stick”.  The days of “easy-going” were far behind us.  We no longer had this luxury.

I was pregnant again by April.  My blood test results were “perfect”, we saw and heard a heartbeat at the 7-week scan (a week after our wedding!).  The ultrasound technician printed out the picture, which my husband promptly put in his wallet.

At the next ultrasound there was no more heartbeat.


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