Maybe they should ask everyone these things.

My life flashed before my eyes…in the form of a questionnaire.   In addition to three separate application forms, financial and medical statements, my husband and I were required to fill out the dreaded personal questionnaires as a part of our home study.

They really dig deep!  Questions touched on our relationship as a couple, our relationships with our friends, our relationships with our families, our parents’ relationships with each other, our first dating and sexual experiences, our sex life, our parents sex life (barf), our hobbies, our parents hobbies, our high-school extra curricular activities and so on!

It was exhausting!  Any memory that I may have repressed is right back front and centre now.  It made for a couple of days of serious reminiscing and interesting conversations.

We completely understand why the Home Study Practitioner would have to dig so deep.  The goal is to assure that we’ll be great parents.  To do this, it’s necessary to find out who we really are, where we have come from and who we surround ourselves with. That in mind, it still makes us laugh to imagine that everyone who was about to embark on a session of unprotected sex would have to fill out a form like this.  If that were the case, there would be a lot fewer children in this world.


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