The firing line

The adoption that we are pursuing is an international special needs adoption from Vietnam.  I have learned that “Special Needs” or “Waiting Child” adoptions are very broad terms in the international adoption world.   Ours would be a “minor correctible special need”.

On the application form I had to complete a series of checklists about the child we hope to adopt.   There was the obvious age and gender checklists, but then came the tough one.

“Select what special needs you would be ready to consider”

This one took a lot of thought.  I had to walk away from it several times.  I couldn’t get out of my head that there was just a row of children sitting there, each one associated with a “special need” from the list.  I had to remind myself that this was only a list, a hypothetical list, not a firing line.  If this all goes through, our child likely isn’t even born yet!

With careful thought and consideration, we were able to complete the checklist based on what we knew we could realistically manage.  We felt that taking on more than we can handle would in the end be selfish and irresponsible.


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