PRIDE training

In Ontario, it is mandatory to take an adoption/parenting training course in order to adopt.  The course is called “PRIDE” and it is pretty expensive.

I was sceptical and so was my husband.  Our first thought (after the gay pride parade) was that it was a money grab.  It’s mandatory, it’s run by the government and it costs a good chunk of money.

The full-day workshops took place over two weekends.  They have been keeping us very busy!  The good news is…we didn’t hate it!

Like any “purchased program” – PRIDE was purchased from Illinois a few years ago – there were components that were formulaic and there were some very old, cheesy re-enactment videos.  This was really the only bad part (and it wasn’t that bad – the videos were unintentionally entertaining).

For the most part the information was useful.  We covered everything under the sun that could possibly go wrong with an adoption and learned how to deal with them.

Our instructor was great to listen to.  She has a great deal of experience working in adoption and is an adoptive mother who experienced her own fertility issues.  Her anecdotes (both personal and those of her many clients) made the information interesting to listen to and very memorable.

Something else that surprised me was my husband’s involvement.  He’s usually the first one to roll his eyes at something, especially if that something contains the word “workshop”.  I was really touched to hear him publically sharing his feelings and ideas and sharing his own experience with adoption.  It was impressive.  More certainty that he’s really serious about all of this… not that I needed another reminder – I’m pretty darn sure by now.

The best part of the weekend workshops was the connections we made with other people who are in our position.  There were even a few couples that live within blocks of us.  The workshops were a bonding experience.  These are relationships that we plan to maintain.

By the end of the weekends, I left feeling good.  I felt positive, I felt like I was on track, I felt like things were happening.

The last slide of the presentation read something like:

“Congratulations! You are now pregnant with adoption!”

I had mixed feelings about this, but I’ll take it.  I’ll enjoy my enjoyable moments.

Congratulations to me.


Adopt Ontario


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