I  usually avoid baby shows.  I’ve barred myself from watching “Baby Story” or “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” type shows partly because it’s too painful, but also because they tend to be horrible, sensationalist, schmaltzy shows.

The other day I came across a show that I decided to actually watch.  I’m sure I’m a bit behind here, I know it aired early in the US, but this was the first episode I saw.

The show is called: “I’m Having Their Baby” (oxygen channel in the US and SLICE in Canada).

The show follows birth mothers throughout the making of their adoption plan, right up to adoption day.

It was really difficult show to watch (especially when a birth mother changed her mind)  but I do think it’s a good perspective and a good reminder about the feelings of birth mothers.  Being on the other end of adoption, it’s easy to imagine babies just coming from “somewhere” into my life.  The truth is every adoption starts with loss.  I’m going in with my own losses, birth parents are losing their children, adopted children lose connections to their history and identity.   These losses lead to very positive outcomes but they are still losses.

I probably won’t be watching the show again but I am kind of glad that it’s out there.


One thought on “On TV

  1. This is so true: “The truth is every adoption starts with loss.” I wish more people (not just adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents and adoptees and birth parents) in the general population recognized this. Beautiful post.

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