How to Dress for Winter Cycle Monitoring (add to my list of things I wish I wasn’t an expert in)

In order to investigate the mystery of the immature eggs, I’ve been doing a fair amount of cycle monitoring.  At my clinic, this means going in early mornings before work for blood tests and ultrasounds (internal and external).

I’m finding that the blood test/ultrasound combination can make for tricky wardrobe considerations.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:


A.  A short sleeve dress or tunic.  This allows me to walk around with my knickers off without walking around naked… I guess I’m not that European.  I don’t have to walk that far, but sometimes the distance from “Get Your Pants Off Chair” to “Stirrup Bed With Courtesy Paper Sheet” seems really far. The short sleeves allow for easy blood testing.  Pockets are a bonus.  It’s somewhere to keep my phone  – I use my phone to do crossword puzzles as a distraction while I wait for my turn with a full bladder.

B. Tights (leggings even better but mine were in the wash).  Easy on, easy off.  No zips or buttons.

C. Slip on boots or shoes.  Why waste time with laces or buckles? Let’s get this over with!

D. Cardigan.  Short sleeves make blood testing easier, but it’s chilly in the winter!

E. Headphones.  I’ve added this accessory since my first December visit.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to pump Christmas music all through the clinic (even the ultrasound rooms). I’m so not in the mood for Christmas.

And THAT my friends is how to dress for cycle monitoring in the winter. Now let’s take care of these immature eggs!


3 thoughts on “How to Dress for Winter Cycle Monitoring (add to my list of things I wish I wasn’t an expert in)

  1. Keep up the positive spirit. 🙂 and I toooootally agree about the extra-long tunic. I remember the day when the ultrasound techs stopped putting me in the change room to get a paper “robe” and just had me strip down in the tech room. i guess they’ve seen it all… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

  2. Hoping your cycle monitoring gave you some answers. I am going through the same process right now after my 3 losses. I just had my HSG, and go for my last blood draw monday. Hoping for some answers/solutions after that. Here’s to hoping.

    • Still poking and prodding but the “immature egg” theory is the one that seems to be in the lead. We will have to make some decisions soon as to what risks we’re willing to take and how far we’ll go to solve a problem that we’re not even sure is the problem. I’ll keep you posted. Let me know how yours goes!

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