Dear Belly Buddy: UPDATE!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to my first “belly buddy”.  She wrote back.  She understands.  She says she’ll always be there for me no matter what because I’ve always been there for her.

I feel so relieved.  It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I still have a few more relationships to tackle but I feel like there’s hope for me yet.


6 thoughts on “Dear Belly Buddy: UPDATE!

  1. This is great news. Inspired by you I did the same thing to my pregnant sister. The note was much shorter and more wine-influenced, but she wrote me back a nice, sober, long note and said she didn’t understand, but totally understood, and just wanted me to take care of me, and she knows I’ll be an awesome aunt. She said she just doesn’t know what to do or say and asked me to tell her what I need from her. I cried for a good long while.

    • I think the eye opener is how important it is to explain how we’re feeling. It makes total sense that your sister understands/ doesn’t understand. I can imagine how helpless it makes our friends and family feel when they see we’re upset and cutting them out. I think I have a few more letters to write myself. ( I may try your wine method). Thanks for the update! I’m glad the lines of communication are open!

      • Thanks! Yes, the wine helped. 🙂

        One thought I had while writing to her, and that I explained to her, is that I’m going to be there for her, but just in slow-mo. The concept has helped me a lot.

        Everything that happens, I’m going to be there for her and be happy for her, but it might just take me a lot longer and be in quieter ways. (Normally I’m pretty spunky!)

        I also told her I hoped she had other people who could be there for her in a bigger way right now, and that I wished I could play that role, but I know I can’t.

        That way she knows I’m still going to play a role, and that I’m trying, but it will be softer than she is used to from me. But that it still counts.

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