The Name Game

This might sound a little “Seinfeld” but I’m going there anyway.



Being a teacher, I always knew the task of naming a child would be a tough one.  So many names are unusable due to name trends and “that kid you wouldn’t want to name a child after”.

Because of this challenge, I have always kept a running list of names in my head, hoping to someday assign them to a little bundle.

The first time I was pregnant (back when I thought pregnancy meant a baby was on the way) my husband and I actually spoke out loud about names.  We had a few girl names and a boy names that we liked.  We hadn’t settled on them but we did recognize the miracle that they were names that we both agreed on.

I still work on this running list of names and it’s getting frustrating and sad.  It’s just another reason to feel like this is taking too long or like I missed my turn.

The names in my head keep getting used up.  My mother-in-law’s cat, a friend’s new baby, someone’s girlfriend… I’m too late.

My heart skips a beat when I hear the names.  Most recently was a friend’s baby (the one who already has twins and was surprised by this one a year later). When I read the name I was almost sick.  She didn’t know.  I wouldn’t have dared shared these names with anyone but it still hurts.

I’m sure everyone faces challenges when trying to name a child, but when you’re not even sure that child will ever come it adds a whole new dimension.

If our adoption ever goes through, maybe I’ll be able to let go of this imaginary running list. Our plan is to keep the child’s birth name (or at least the name that they’ve been called in the orphanage or foster home).  There are always exceptions to the rule – I know someone who had intended to keep her adopted child’s given name but his name sounded really rude in English, it’s now his middle name.   My husband’s parents kept his “birth name” and it plays a major role in who he is.


One thought on “The Name Game

  1. My husband and I have been on quite a journey ourselves. I came up with a list of names about two years ago when I felt so much excitement about embarking down the road of adoption. That list of names is tucked away. After dealing with the wait for two years I can’t bring myself to even look or think about the list. It’s hard. When the referral comes, that’s when I imagine the pieces will start to fall into place and I can rethink the list…. and err run them by my hubby to see if we agree on any. 🙂

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