The Baby Bomb

My delicious jalepeno-cheddar cornbread

My delicious jalepeno-cheddar cornbread

I came up with a new term today – the “baby bomb”.

Definition: An unexpected baby appearance that triggers an emotional breakdown.

Use:  I got “baby bombed” at a staff pot-luck lunch today.

All of those colleagues who shared my due date month are obviously off on maternity leave right now.  This has made going to work the last couple of months much easier for me.

Today one of my co-workers had organized a pot-luck lunch.  It was meant to be something fun to do to relieve some of the stress that we’ve all been under.  It was a great idea. I even baked corn bread (see banana bread entry to know that is a BIG deal that I baked).

I went up to the lunchroom and was just about to fill up my plate with nice yummy fattening goodies when the bomb hit.

I heard my colleagues cooing, I heard some high pitch squeals and I turned to find the little visitor and his mom.  This mom is the same woman who had thought I would find it humorous when she kept going on about how she didn’t even want to get pregnant,  it was her husband’s idea.  She told me she would jump up and down after “trying” in order to get it out.  Ha ha…guess what – people that have lost babies and are trying everything in their power to have one don’t find this funny.   I’m sooo sorry that you got pregnant despite all of your efforts not to.

I thought I would be ok. I thought I could just get my goodies, sit at another table and get on with my day. I was wrong.  My friends know me too well.  One look at my face instigated the dreaded  “Are you ok?”

Ka-pow!  Bomb exploded.

Tears started flowing down my cheeks. I had to leave. I was in a full blubber by the time I got out of the room.  So much for the stress-free fun lunch.   (Thanks to this friend for bringing me a plate later on).

I was baby bombed.  I didn’t see it coming.  It hit and it hurt.


11 thoughts on “The Baby Bomb

  1. That’s rough. I’m sorry the baby bomb happened to you. One never knows when it’s going to hit. I have my own stories… they’re not fun. I keep wondering when I get to transition out of this phase of my life. How long and how much do we have to endure before we get to the other side? Sometimes I am able to share in other’s joy when they share the news that they are pregnant. It’s the ones who didn’t expect it to happen so fast or weren’t even trying that are the hardest to bare.

  2. Uhg. So sorry you got baby bombed. That is a *perfect* term to describe the feeling of ambush. Your colleague sounds obnoxious. Don’t people have ANY consideration? It’s stories like these that make me glad I work mostly from home.

    • I have been using it frequently (unfortunately). One of my friends has picked it up too. There’s even a perfect “emoji” for a quick s.o.s “baby bomb” text! 👶💣 (not sure if that reads on wp but it’s a baby and a bomb)

  3. I love your term “baby bombed.” I hope I can borrow the term? I was baby bombed once with a close friend announcing her pregnancy after “trying” for 4 months. To me, that’s not trying. Unless you’ve been through fertility treatmtents, conceiving naturally is just a blessing. Sorry, that is my rant! Great blog.

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