Period Peddies

I got (yet another) bad news call from the doctor today. Another negative.
I’m so frustrated and puzzled as to why this isn’t working. I knew there was a significant chance that if I got pregnant again it might not work out but now I can’t even get pregnant anymore!
After the call, I was feeling frustrated and defeated. I could really use some good news.
I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. “Period Peddies” have been a little reward I’ve been giving myself. When I get my period, I go for a pedicure. This little tradition has been my way of staying positive and not seeing “Aunt Flo” as a complete devastation. A couple of my friends have even started to recognize that when my feet look shabby, I’m probably pregnant.
The moment I plunked my feet into the bubbly, soothing, salted water the pedicurist asked…
“Are you pregnant?”
(Seriously, people need to learn to stop asking this question!!!!!!)
There goes my relaxing treat. So much for taking my mind off things.
Instead of the polite “no”, I opted to give her the full story. Not the sob story version but instead more of a medical bulleted list ending with “and that’s why I often look like I’m pregnant”. (All presented “sans tears” by some miracle).
I figured the full version of the story was appropriate here because I see her (almost) every 28 days. I really don’t want her asking me every time she sees me!
Here’s to hoping that I get some shabby toes soon!



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