A mini rant because I need to vent!

I’m feeling very frustrated this week.  Once again I’m being bombarded with pregnancy announcements at work (I really need to get a job in a field with more men).  In fairness to the announcers, they have been very careful, sensitive and understanding to my situation (these friends have had baby making issues of their own ).  It still hurts though.   I really wish that I was in a place where I could jump for joy for them…but I’m just not.

There were also two announcements from my adoption training group (Pride Training)!! There have been zero adoption announcements since the training, but now one newborn baby and one pregnancy announcement!  This isn’t helping to put the “try to adopt and you’ll get pregnant” myth to sleep!  (For the record, I do not believe in adoption as a fertility treatment.)

I’m just feeling really left out and left behind.  Yup, feeling a little sorry for myself.


3 thoughts on “A mini rant because I need to vent!

  1. feeling it too. my sister is due so soon and i’m all denial and panic in mixed doses. no earthly idea what i’m going to do. dreading that big hospital visit day.

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