So I think we’re going to do this…

Tomorrow morning my husband and I have an appointment with the infertility counsellor I’ve been seeing for the past couple of years.  It will be strange to bring him to see her.  I’ve been talking to her alone for so long.  “Pavlov’s Dog” syndrome is totally in play with her.  Every time I go, I cry – even when I’ve been having a good day! I actually started to tear up when I saw her photo in an IVF information video!  I’m really hoping to control some of the blubbering tomorrow. (I guarantee my husband won’t be blubbering)

So here’s why we’re going:

Meeting with the counsellor is the first step for couples considering the IVF process.  We’ve had a few months to really think about it and talk about it.  The adoption could still take at least a year.  I’m 38 years old  – If we’re going to try, it has to be now.

The plan is to do IVF with genetic testing. If the embryos test abnormal, the process stops there. At least that would give us (a very expensive) answer.  If all goes well, we can start in October.  This gives me a little more time to eat the right things, keep exercising and wrap my head around it all.

Here goes…


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