Pumpkins, infertiles and cackles

I’m glad we’re finding ways to have fun with the tough holidays. Still probably going to turn off the lights and close my curtains though!

Fertility Doll

You NEED to read this! Pumpkins + Infertiles  (pregnant ones included) + Barren Betty with a drill= A WHOLE LOT OF FUN! This could go horribly well for some of us and tragically wrong for others. Either way we’re all going cackle happily and we want you to join in!  Barren Betty explains it all on her blog including how on earth we came up with this– so head on over there!! Whatchu waiting for?

If you’re worried about your pumpkin carving skills (or lack of), rest assured there are many categories and this is one of them:

 we are all fighting for the Lamest in Show award… #gameon  – Barren Betty 

Current pumpkin contenders (this is sounding like Gladiators)

1. Barren Betty

Betty’s in it to win it. The fact she’s being let loose with knives and a drill scares me a bit. I hope Mr Betty…

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