Well I STARTED my Christmas Eve with a good attitude. My day started with laughs and smiles. Then I made the critical error of trying to perform a seeming trigger-free task. I went to the convenience store to wish the owner, a friend of the whole neighbourhood, a happy retirement (today is his last day) and to buy recycling bags for the Christmas wrap (we have some presents under the tree).
During my warm chat with “Harry” from “Harry’s Variety” he glanced at my belly and asked excitedly, “when is baby coming”.

Deep breath, swallow those tears, keep up that fake smile, decide how to deal with this.

I decided to go with an approach that has worked in the past. The truth. For an old man to whom English is a second language he was actually pretty interested to talk about it. I told him there was no baby in there but that we were waiting for a child through adaption. He asked what the problem was? Why couldn’t we have a baby? I told him they just wouldn’t stay in there. He asked why I don’t try ALL THE WAYS? ( he really emphasized that one). I explained that we tried ALL THE WAYS (emphasis right back at ya) but to no avail. We moved on to talk more about adoption. He’ll be watching for his new neighbour to arrive.

Merry Christmas and happy retirement Harry. Now time for a little cry.



12 thoughts on “ALL THE WAYS!

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry you had to have this happen during a seemingly easy trip to the store. I hope you have some peace and enjoyment of the season. And I hope that 2014 brings you your baby, however they are meant to come your way.

  2. Le sigh! All The Ways could be the name of this blog. Wishing you the best over the holidays and in 2014. A million xo’s from gerl and kgerl

  3. Sometimes it’s those indirect and innocent comments that get to me. I remember one time running into an old friend who had heard that we were expecting, only we had already lost our boy a few months prior. He was so excited and said, “hey I heard through so and so you are expecting, has your wife delivered yet?” And like you I had to put on a brave smile and swallow my tears, and politely explain the situation. Tough to do…I know. Hugs to you and your family and sending you positive thoughts on your adoption process! We’re looking into adoption too, so hopefully we’ll have our rainbow baby soon. 🙂

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