Who am I?

I just turned 37. I’m a teacher.  I’m creative, a little nerdy and I laugh a lot. I have devoted my life and made it my profession to taking care of other people’s kids, doing my best to help them grow into the smartest, happiest kids in the world.

As someone who has always wanted a family, this is the ideal job.  I’m in touch with “kids today” and I have the best hours a parent could dream for.

I’ve been married since May 2012.  We’d been together for a few years and decided to make it “official”.  I feel lucky to have married someone that I’m so crazy about.  We are ready to start a family.  It’s already been a difficult journey.


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love that you are giving to other kids and helping them to grow up to be good people. I only wish you and your husband the best and whatever will be will be. Have faith in that, love.

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